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The 2013 ASQ FEIGENBAUM MEDAL In May 2013 I was named recipient…

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In May 2013 I was named recipient of the 2013 ASQ Feigenbaum Medal, the Society's highest international award for a young quality professional. It was an privilege to be listed with the other ASQ Medalists and Honorees this year at the ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement, held in Indianapolis.

Looking at the other Medalists and honorees, which included former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Paul O'Neill and statistics thought leader Douglas Montgomery, I was the only person I had never heard of (copies of Montgomery's book, Probability and Statistics in Engineering and Management Science, co-authored with William Hines, and Design and Analysis of Experiments, deemed to me as "the bibles of industrial quality statistics" by my mentors, were pressed into my hands on the first day I started as a quality assurance engineer.

It was a huge honor and it felt like a cumulative effort over the past several years where I've had the opportunity to lead quality and engineering projects both within my work as well as within the ASQ itself, my home section, the ASQ New York/ New Jersey Metropolitan Section and the leadership of the National Society of Professional Engineers. With this recognition, I join a list of past Feigenbaum Medalists who have all continued to pursue impactful changes in their respective industries and careers.

The Medal is named in honor of Armand V. Feigenbaum, one of the pioneers of the Total Quality Management movement who fostered thinking about quality as a systems science and promotes the interdisciplinary application of quality tools and methodologies.

On the back of the Feigenbaum Medal itself, it states, "For Outstanding Early Accomplishment and Potential."

No pressure on the "potential" being demonstrated in the future, right?

Thanks also go to the early encouragers and mentors who first brought me under their wing in the quality profession: Trudy Edenfeld and Sara Miles who steeped me in statistical process control and onboarded me into the world of quality assurance engineering, Nita Cato who was always my biggest cheerleader and confidante and Walt Laurel, who encouraged me to pursue my first ASQ certification, the Certified Quality Engineer (CQE).

The Medal presentation ceremony.
At the the formal awards presentation ceremony


The massive Sagamore Ballroom at the Indianapolis Convention Center, prior to the start of the ceremony.

Shaking hands with the 2013-2014 Chair of ASQ, Dr. John Timmerman


With the other Medalists and honorees.  Among the other distinguished recipients, the second person from the right is former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Paul O'Neill!   I have no idea why I'm staring off into the ceiling.

The back of the medal: Potential with a capital 'P'.  As in No 'P'ressure .


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On June 5th, 2013 06:54 pm (UTC), paulownia commented:
Congrats Austin!
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